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Race Star 18×10.5 95 Recluse GM Black Chrome 95-805253BC

Anyone know if these will fit a V2 Sedan (REAR)? It shows they will fit a coupe, but not sure about a sedan. Thanks!


Weight: 26 lbs
Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 12.5 in
Back Space: 7
Bolt Circle: 5×120
Center Bore Diameter: 3.07
Load: 1580
Size: 18×10.5
Wheel Offset: 32

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I use them on my sedan for drag radials. Not sure what the offset is on mine. Not quite a perfect fit. I heard noise when first mounted and figured out that the emergency brake cable was rubbing on the inside of the rim. I zipped tied the cable out of the way. It's a tight fit.
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