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Quick ATF flush question

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Hey all.

Drained the fluid and dropped the pan to change the filter. Got exactly 7 quarts (capacity is 6.7).

Is some metallic residue expected on the magnet? Wasn’t a lot.

Lastly: (1) Do I fill it until it drips out the full port with the transmission at operating temperature or cold? (2) Do I fill and wait to plug the full port until it seeps out with the gears being cycled?

Planning to overfill it after all is said and done to 7.5-8 quarts

Finding conflicting information on the tube and here.

Thanks in advance.

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Oh yeah, how did those that have changed the filter get that ring gasket with the metal base out (that the filter neck presses into)?


Found a helpful link I must’ve missed.

Guess I’ll fill it cold and follow this GM approved fluid measuring technique before capping it off at operating temp

Just need to still figure out this filter neck gasket

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