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And I know I have mods on the car. But the problem is I don't know what type of mods I have. But a few which is pipes air intake green belt a button pulley which its 9.17. I don't quite know much power I have but I'm dying to find out. Also one night i was pushing the car to the limit and it shooting out blue flame is that bad thing to be shooting out flame? And for some reason one of my pipe is lower then other... Can someone help me figure out my pretty little muscle car...
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This may sound sarcastic, but it not intended as such.

If you want to know about your car, take it apart and put it back together.
We can't see your car from here. Photos may help, but they won't get you a complete answer.
Once these cars are modded, a complete answer is what is required.
Myself a lazy exception, take notice of some of the long signatures members have.

GM's part numbering convention is 8 consecutive numerals. You'll be quick to notice logos and names on parts that are not stock.
Post some pictures. Flames coming out of the exhaust means you a definitely modded. The pipes being uneven is just a bad fitting aftermarket exhaust or a poor install job. Maybe both.
Have you asked the dealer for any info they could have on the previous owner? You never know, they may actually have it. OR they may be able to contact the PO and see if he is interested in contacting you.

Sometimes you can find info on the car by googling the VIN.
Good point. There are not a crazy amount of V3s out there. If it’s modded I would bet the PO is on here, the Cadillac forum or one of the many V groups on FB.
@CTSVBEEZY You have three different threads open for what seems to be three different issues.

You might want to go back to whoever you bought your car from and start asking questions, in person.
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Especially before they can say you caused the three issues
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Good point. There are not a crazy amount of V3s out there. If it’s modded I would bet the PO is on here, the Cadillac forum or one of the many V groups on FB.
I would i like to find out because i brought it online out the auction. the car came from Huston Texas.. and know AMP did the modded on it.
If you know who modded your car why haven't you contacted them?
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Believe I did but they told me they have done a lot modded to CTS-V. And they wasn’t sure of what they did to the vehicle. I should trying calling again and see if I get a different answer right
You said the car came from Houston and was modified by AMP. Could that have been Advanced Modern Performance which is outside Dallas. Their website has a number of performance packages listed on their website. I'd start by comparing the listed mods to your car to see if one of the packages fits.

CTS-V3 Packages
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@db-guru Thanks bro this was the biggest help bro. I have stage 3 wow. but i think i need to do a major tune up or something because it not riding how i first had it
  • Roto-Fab big gulp cold air intake
  • Billet catch can
  • ATI 15% OD balancer
  • HD belt
  • Custom Cam with 38% fuel lobe
  • DOD valley plugs
  • AMP VVT Lockout
  • Dual valve spring kit .675 lift with Ti retainers
  • Ls7 lifters and LS2 lifter trays
  • 3/8 7.850 pushrods
  • AMP billet thermostat housing with a 160* thermostat
  • VVT cam bolt and GM Crank bolt

  • ARP 2000 head studs
  • LT4 head gaskets(pair)
  • NGK 6510 spark plugs
  • Kooks 2" stainless header system with off-road connection pipes
  • Dexcool Coolant
  • AMSOIL Coolant Booster
  • AMSOIL Dominator 10/30 racing oil
  • AMSOIL Filter
  • Professional assembly & installation
  • Custom engine control module reprogramming
  • Chassis dyno testing before & after installation
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If you're in the DFW metroplex, take your V to 21st Century Muscle in Addison. Ask for Matt.
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