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QTP has been on back order due to their shop move from NJ to SC. Today, Feb 15, 2021, I called them up to find out date on availability and low and behold they have a few sets in stock if you're interested in ordering... If you go on their website and it allows you to "Add to Cart" then its in stock. Notice the prices have gone up a little as well because of the availability of parts to make the kit and they also don't under cut their third party distributors, etc.

BUT this isn't the point of the post... While speaking to them on the phone, he mentioned he wanted to develop a "bolt on" aggressor kit for the V2 sedan. He mentioned that if anyone with a V2 sedan was willing and able to drop the car off at their SC shop, then he would make it worth their time. Give them a call if this is something you want to do.

See link for example:

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