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Proper Drag Radial Operating Temperature

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I have found to be about 90-95*C ;) :)

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Sorry... I'm bored, laid up at home with a couple of bulged disks in my lower back trying to manage the pain. 馃槴
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Motion Raceworks has a good video on how to do a drag radial burnout. I thought it was good. You don't want to get the tire too hot.
Good luck in finding a treatment that works for you. I spent a long time with back pain until one day the disk herniated. I couldn't lift my right foot and ended up dragging that leg. Surgery in three days as I was about to start a new job. Had one week for recovery and I started mt new job.
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You take care now and please check in with us after the surgery. . . .

Oops, I mixed my tenses. That was ten years ago. I woke up on a Thursday barely able to walk. Got into my PCP at lunch. Had MRI and saw surgeon on Friday then had surgery on Monday. The following Monday I flew to the D.C area to attend orientation for my new job at IBM. I wasn't aware that the medical community could work that fast. Still have lower back pain, but I'm able to put drag radials on my V so it's all good. Have had a couple of outpatient procedures since, all in lower back.
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