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Proper Drag Radial Operating Temperature

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I have found to be about 90-95*C ;) :)

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Sorry... I'm bored, laid up at home with a couple of bulged disks in my lower back trying to manage the pain. 馃槴
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Nice whining! Sorry to her about the discs....I had one that would induce sciatica, so I quickly learned to avoid certain repetitive motions that would enrage it. It's been a solid 12 years without a flare-up. Doing the cam work almost triggered it.

You know! MRI has detected three bulged discs (two very bad) at the moment and it has been lower back and sciatica hell since Easter weekend! I am very fortunate to be able to WFH, however the hydromorphone and gabapentin are only doing so much. See a neurosurgeon on Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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My wife suffers from similar problems.
I hope you are able to overcome these 'painful' issues. . . .

I鈥檓 truly sorry to hear Bruce! I wish this condition on no one!

I am painfully, er, I mean patiently waiting for Monday.

Thank you馃檹
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When My wife's Sciatic nerve begins to irritate her, she does some exercises.
They really help her.

Has your doctor given you that info?
The exercises have a persons name (don't know the name) attached to them.

Yes.. that was the starting point six months ago. Unfortunately physio and other conservative treatments have been unsuccessful, and I continue to suffer immensely. I'm not fond of invasive treatment or surgery, but this has gone on long enough.
Good luck in finding a treatment that works for you. I spent a long time with back pain until one day the disk herniated. I couldn't lift my right foot and ended up dragging that leg. Surgery in three days as I was about to start a new job. Had one week for recovery and I started mt new job.
I'm right there, cant feel the toes in my right foot and half of my right calf... it's been brutal... and yes, I have been examined by two of three doctors. I was also fortunate to have an MRI quickly, which doesn't happen very quick in our current medical system. We'll see what the surgeon has to say on Monday.


I had back spasms a couple of times and I was in pain, so while it might not have been what you are dealing with, maybe a hint?

Wishing you a quick recovery.

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Thanks K! I NEED to recover so I can finish reassembling the V... You know I can't wait to HEAR that GP Tuning 2.5 cam and do more BURNOUTS! LOL
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Back and neck problems are tough. I have two bulged disc in my neck from BBJ years ago and dealt with some sciatica and back spasms and migraines for several years. I fly 100000 miles+ per year for my job which didn't help. I use three things which has all but stopped my pain. I bought a Teeter FitSpine inversion table, several different foam rollers and started stretching everyday. Doing all three, everyday, has literally worked miracles. Don't think all of your problems are from the disc or the muscles around your spine. Everything is connected and most people's back issues are due to extremely tight glutes and hamstrings. Foam rolling then stretching your back, calves, glutes and hamstrings can make a huge improvement. I still fly over 100000 miles a year and I take zero medication.
Great post! Thanks.

One would think that as old as I am, I would know a thing or two about my own body, however it seems that I have to "feel the pain" in order to literally learn anything in life. I also believe you are correct, and while I'm not overweight, I have been somewhat less than active the past couple of years due to being able to park close to an office where I spend my day mostly behind a desk. (used to walk 5 times a week to and from an office of a previous employer).

I am rethinking my fitness regime, just in time for a milestone birthday in 10 days!
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