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Hi all!

I recently scored an hour in a 2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4. I got to take it on highway, city and mountain roads. I know many of you love sports cars, so I thought I'd share my impressions! (My full write-up with more pictures is here.)

  • The seat and suspension comfort in the GT4 (with Porsche's base sports seats) was better than I expected out of a motorsports-oriented Porsche. Sure, it is no Cadillac, but I was comfortable on the highway and would road trip the GT4. I also found the chassis confident on back roads. The GT4 holds its line over severe bumps.
  • Having experienced the 911 GT3 engine, I was disappointed with the Cayman GT4 engine. Yes, the GT4 is a revver, but it's not as reactive or torquey as the GT3; I felt like it was missing the special sauce. I think it might show better on a track.
  • Shifting the GT4 6-speed is bliss. This is one of the best manuals I've ever used! It's much tighter than that in my CTS-V wagon.
  • But the 6-speed's long gearing muffles some of the engine's punch. I like cars where the engine terrorizes the rear tires. (Hello CTS-V!) The GT4 doesn't have the gearing or power to do that.
  • The GT4 has incredibly informative steering, though it still talks with an EPAS accent. I still prefer the well-oiled slickness of a true hydraulic rack like the CTS-V's, but the GT4 EPAS is extraordinarily communicative and completely satisfying.
I had a great day playing with the GT4. I'd be happy owning one! Please send money!


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