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P0741 Trans Code

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Getting a P0741 code (trq converter clutch circuit performance/stuck off)

car has been down most of the year for upgrades. Finished motor upgrades end of July. Had car tuned, trans didn’t have any issues or codes. Tune needed some adjusting as their was some concerns.

Took the car to different tuner and am very pleased with outcome and driveability etc.

I’ve had the car back a few days and have been driving it and under normal driving this code will pop up and then it will gear down, won’t let me manually shift it up. Will only shift up around 3k rpm’s.

checked fluid yesterday and it was low 2qts low to be exact. So I topped off Then added the extra quart once it was full.

This morning drove the car normally and was in 6th gear and it did the same thing as mentioned above. Downshifted to 5. Wousknt let me manually shift etc.

Could it just be a bad solenoid?

pics of code and description


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