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Oil leak help!!

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I apologize in advance not sure where to start this thread. I have a 13 cts v sedan, I noticed there was a oil drip under the front of the car and looked through the bottom grill and seen a hose leaking oil from both ends in front of the radiator. Does anyone know what this hose is called and where does it lead to? It’s leaking consistently and I need to order this part and fix it ASAP!!
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Power steering cooler, goes to the hard lines under the radiator
Power Steering cooler, it's mounted on the front crash bar.
Wow! Thank y’all so much! Is this common for it to happen? The car’s current mileage is 140k
It is just rubber, over time it can get brittle. 50$ for a whole new setup is cheap, do a flush of the fluid while your at it and your good to go
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Happened to my car at much lower miles...the PS pump cavitates on these cars at like 5k rpm...meaning they get wailed on pretty hard with how most of us drive these things.
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