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Seems a common one for Bank 1 and 2 = LEAN FUEL MIXTURE

The P0101 says Mass or Volume Aif Flow Circuti range/ performance problem. But hasn't come back.

I've spent a lot of time searching and googling before posting this.

No performance issues at all or rough running or idling, just the light comes on after some miles.

Most people seem to have Aftermarket CAI or Oiled filters. I have neither. All stock.

Took apart the MAF just now and it looked very clean on the elements almost new.
And I'm guessing the bottle of MAF cleaner is the best or can this be cleaned with rubbing alcohol?

QUESTION #2: If I'm to check for intake leaks / orings etc. How do I do that assuming that I'm an idiot. (I am)

QUESTION #3: People talk about a TUNE to level the lean airflow. Is this something I can do DIY and also on a stock car?

Thanks for any attention to my Novice questions.

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1) Generally, no. If it looks clean it is clean. But hitting it with MAF cleaner can't hurt so give it a shot. Don't touch the parts, they're kind of delicate. Spray is good, paper towels are not. :)
2) There is no magical method except brute force. You have to go through the intake path and check for anything that looks questionable. You can look for pressure leaks with soapy water, but vacuum leaks suck. :)
3) Tuning can be done by anyone who buys the software and a OBD interface. However, tuning correctly requires a fair amount of knowledge. I haven't messed with my V, but I put a blower on my 02 Z06 back in 2004 and that required a lot of tuning. Took me months to understand stuff well enough I could make changes without risking blowing up my motor (in fact, I was getting 0171 and 0174 alerts with the "canned" tune that was supplied by the blower manufacturer, which had been set intentionally rich to avoid blowing up motors). But there are lots of people on this forum with tuning experience and you can take advantage of that since you're a forum member.

Tuning software is more than just stuff that changes settings in the ECM. It also lets you read out all the detailed data from sensors that the ECM is using. That data might help you locate a vacuum leak.
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