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Not normal codes? Anyone else have these?

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Having some misfires and periodically every once in a while my aux pump stays on after car is off. Not sure if related. Had flashing CEL so Just changed plugs and wires and did some logging. Keep getting these codes though? Anyone? Much appreciated.
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Pretty clear that you have a problem with the car's fuel pump. The auxiliary pump still needs the pump in the tank to do it's thing. No "history" on the fuel pump 1 flow insufficient error, so this cycle is the first time for that one. But the 069E code has been recurring, that issue has been around for a while. These two codes are probably related. The 2635 issue occurred and 069E is just saying that the PCM turned on the check engine light. So the 2635 code is the only one you care about. Your pump is tired.

I don't see now the throttle actuator control errors could be related to the fuel pump errors. The pump controller is at the back of the car, I think. The TAC is at the front. The only thing they share in common is the OBD bus, but so does every other module and none of them are complaining. But like the P069E error, these show current and history which means they've also been happening for a while.

The C0242 error appears to be a code that's thrown when the EBCM can't get a response from the ECM when TC engages. When this code is set, TC is disabled. Pending/History means that this error was not occurring at the time you did your logging. It would not be related to any of the other errors. And in my experience, GM cars throw codes some times. Every GM car I've owned in the last 30 years has invariably shown some old "history" codes when I dump the ECM to see. This one you can probably ignore as a glitch.

You don't say how old the car is, or how many miles it has on it. It looks like you live in Canada, so maybe you drive it in the winter. If it's an older car, you might be looking at some corroded connectors. That's where I'd start.
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Thanks man for that awesome reply. Much appreciated. I think your bang on with the fuel pump. I ran a few 9 sec passes tonight at the track and on the fourth one I encountered a poor idle and was chugging back to my pit area. Again, code for fuel pump came on. Now... The car is an 09 rarely drive in winter as I store it, and I have an aux dsx pump that should only come on during boost. I shut the car off and the aux pump was still going. I have had this happen a few times. Sometimes only or a couple secs and sometimes until I unplug the battery. The pump is new. The tank pump is factory and original. I also notice while the aux pump was running and restated the car that my boost gauge was moving! Not sure if these problem are related but definitely agree that the factory in tank pump needs changing. Havent looked at options yet. Dw300? I assume I'd still keep my aux pump?

I had my tuner look at my logs and he said it seems like I'm running lean on the top end and wondered if my Meth, which runs off my windshield fluid resovoir, was spraying. Again not sure if it's fuel pump ralated but could have two things going on?
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