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Hi everyone,
My name is Jason, I have been a lurker on this forum for many years and decided to start trying to be a active contributor. I have a 2011 CTS-V Coupe which I bought in 2015 and drove stock for many years. I began doing modifications in 2018 and once started it has been hard to stop. My V has the following modifications:
LEP Stage 4 CAM
BTR Valve Springs
Chrome Molly Pushrods
ATI Balancer
ATI Overdrive Pulley
Lingenfelter Plate
LEP Secondary Fuel Pump System
(AEM 400 lph high flow pump)
(MagnaFuel Filter)
Vadder Dual Core HX
Vadder Recovery Tank
High Flow HX Pump
ZL1 Supercharger Lid
160* Thermostat
AEM 320 lph Fuel Pumps
FIC 95lb/1000cc Injectors
E85 Flex Fuel Kit
Griptech 2.45 Upper Pulley
100mm Idler Pulley
Solid Isolator
Gates HD Green Belt
Airaid 4" Dry Intake (Red Filter)
Kooks Long Tube Headers
Kooks Catted X-Pipe
NGK Tr7ix Spark Plugs (Gap 0.32)
Accel Extreme 9000 Spark Plug Wires
Leading Edge Performance Tune
Soler Performance Throttle Controler

I have done some visual modifications such as:
Powder Coating Rims
Paint Matching the Chrome pieces to Rim Color
Newer Cadillac Emblems
Carbon Fiber Hood
Carbon Fiber Trunk
Weapon X Carbon Fiber Air Diffuser

Im currently trying to decide if I want to add more engine modifications or not. The car makes plenty of power to the wheels and I have to be careful when driving it to keep it under my control. There are some visual mods I would still like to do as well as deciding which way to go with the stereo. All in all it has been a blast working on and driving this car and I dont see myself selling it even if / when I get the new body style CTS-V. I have used many of the forum members advice and expertise over the years while looking for solutions to problems or deciding on what mods to make and what brand to go with, so thank you all for your help and hopefully I can return the favor one day.


6B32EC52-F03B-4934-B91F-0D2C9CE45EA6.jpeg C3265EFC-FC34-458B-83F2-46CF46C7D532.jpeg 48B24241-4AD7-4D62-A03C-4711DA3F7819.jpeg 019F2A72-F3C7-4FFD-8F54-16504512AFEC.jpeg 8532A503-A386-4CEB-AA95-249C9396624C.jpeg 4E6A6D91-BC1B-49A5-8F84-710F7F5A91BC.jpeg 3008F590-78F9-4F3E-ABF6-E9BAE5AFCA1B.jpeg

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Welcome. With that black/gold color combo you will need one of these to complete the look-
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Welcome from FL! Nice V!
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