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Newbie to the forum 馃槑馃槑馃馃

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Hey y鈥檃ll wanna say hi an appreciation of the add, I鈥檓 not new to when it comes to ls,lt,lsx, as I鈥檝e owned,at least 7 different 4th gen F-Body鈥檚. But older age I鈥檓 like the finer things in life with the luxury of the V but having a bad to the bone drive train setup!! Just scooped this 09 with 86k miles was all factory until now, had these wheels off my v6 daily CTs. But just install full exhaust back, upper, lower pulleys new belt. New hx, cold air, went ahead did id1300 never can be too much righ haha an just finished full fuel setup from tank to the rails and flex fuel sensor. Going to friends Dyno Saturday an I鈥檒l be doing all my own tuning as I鈥檝e been since high school. Wish me luck on decent numbers, as i wanna do cam, Frankenstein heads,port the blower an snout etc. can鈥檛 ever just leave shit alone, anyone else have this problem?
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Welcome to the MODNESS!

Thanks appreciate it!!
Welcome to forum! Love that color. Looked like one I saw for sale here in az

That Blue Diamond Tricoat is actually a pretty rare color.

Please tell me the interior is Titanium.
Or twilight鈥.never mind it鈥檚 a 09, twilight was only available in 13 I believe
Slick car! Welcome
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