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Newbie here

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Hey everyone, just signed up to the forum because I'm looking to purchase a ctsv. Have a few play toys already and always wanted a ctsv so what better place to read and earn then here.
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Welcome to the MODness!
This is the place to learn about these cars; a wealth of knowledge here that you won’t find elsewhere.
If you seek knowledge about these awesome cars, just ask, but please don’t ask about buying a car from the forum as there are restrictions on
buying/selling pertaining to new members.
Read the rules posted at the top of this page.
If you have a particular car out in the market that you’d like opinions about, tell us about it!
Thank you for the response! Trying to learn all of the ins and outs of the ctsv and go from there. I have a couple gen 5 Camaros and a GTO. Now just looking for that 4 door playtoy to enjoy.
If you post what you are looking for, then that’s essentially a Want To Buy, and it’s not allowed here, per the rules, until you’re an established member, defined by 50 valid posts and 30 days.

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I understand. Thanks for letting me know. Did not mean it as a WTB. Mainly the year range I'm looking at incase someone wanted to jump in and say stay away from " x, y, z"
They won’t, at least not seriously.

There are at least a dozen threads on the various years within the V2, and it’s mostly colors, two piece front brake rotors, and rain sense wipers.

Very early 2009, built before October 2008, had side mirrors tilt down when you go in reverse.

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