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2019 CTS V Crystal White Tricoat
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I have been a ford guy going back to 2002 and my Ford Lightning. This is my first GM car and so far its amazing. I picked up this 2019 with 6400 miles on it and find the car amazing and so much different than the M4,M8 and the previous Shelbys I have owned. Like most projects I can't wait to start with the mods and I am lucky enough to live in Houston and very close to a well-known performance shop and looking at their 800HP package. I look forward to reading the forums and getting up to speed with this incredible machine and its huge potential. View attachment 165501
Welcome to the club, very low miles and love the look. I have Crystal White Tricoat with a similar vibe and just got the 800 HP in the DFW area. Just picked it up yesterday and haven't had a chance to drive due to this rain but it ended up making 696rwhp. Can't wait for some sun this weekend!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts