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New V2 M6 Sedan Owner, SE Mass.

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Picked up this ‘10 sedan last October, was recommended to join here by a member of CTS-Mafia on FB. I live about 40 mins south of Boston.

Wanted a stick shift V2 sedan 7 years ago but couldn’t swing one so I bought a ‘15 Regal GS with a manual. Both of them being silver wasn’t planned at all and neither was my first color choice for either car. Other than the colors, it's basically what I wanted with Recaros and UltraView. The car just clicked 145K miles, obviously a bit on the higher side but it doesn't bother me because I'm not afraid to drive the car anywhere.

Still have the Buick and few other cars. The black car is a heads/cam/intake Z28 with a 4L80 swap and a ‘97 SS 30th Anniversary. I don’t have pictures of the SS with the V that’s why it’s not posted. The V is going to be the summer daily. Don’t want to get to crazy with it but definitely want to add some power and sound in the future. I added a warranty for the car when I bought it and they ended up covering a brand new GM diff due to the notorious whine I've been reading about. It definitely silenced a majority of the noise but not completely.

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Was having some dejavu, as I thought I saw this post already... then I read the FB Group part and figured it out, haha. Congrats and welcome to V world! Awesome trio you have there. Didn't know the GS came in a manual in the States. Seems like that'd be a fun combo for a daily as well, plus not too bad on fuel.
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Welcome to the VZone.
Change your diff oil every 10 to 20K and enjoy a whine free life. If you see metal keep changing every 1K until no more metal...then move to longer interval. Loud pedal + Supercharger whine NEVER GETS OLD!

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Curious on the interval and what fluid you use to change? I've never changed rear end fluid in my car since I've owned it and really only once or twice ever on any vehicle I've owned, and that was only because I was swapping diffs for a posi. unit. I've had a couple GM trucks with well over 200k miles without any diff. service, but of course those never saw a ton of power and abuse like the V does. My 8.8's in a few vehicles saw quite a bit more abuse and power and still never cared much for fluid changes, still going strong, no whining or anything funny. What is with GM and these Diffs!? LOL. Before I got my V, the dealer installed a new diff., however, claimed it was only for pinion shaft seal.

But anyways for fluid, what do you normally use? And any additives/friction modifiers?
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