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New to me - Routine Issues? Where to Start?

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So, I bought the car less than a month ago and have gotten to go over the cosmetics of the car and find the little issues that will drive me crazy when I clean the car. I am the proud owner of a 2012 Sedan with 67K on the dials. What are some of the first thing mechanically I should be considering? Are there certain parts that I should be inspecting and/or consider replacing due to the mileage? I don't have any noticable leaks, rattles or squeaks but that doesn't mean much.

After I've gotten used to the car a bit and take care of the little stuff, I'll start collecting some of the starter mods to scratch that itch. I see exhaust mods very soon so I can hear this thing a little better though.

And if there is already a thread for noobs like me, I'll gladly check those out, but I didn't find anything with a couple searches. Thanks for any advice.
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Congrats on your purchase. The first thing I did was change out the cabin and air filters. No telling when the filters were last changed. I recommend you have most of the fluids changed. Coolant should be good, but definitely the engine oil. The transmission and diff fluids might be alright, but still might be a good idea to change them out too. Did a V owners manual come with the car when you bought it? Make sure it's a V manual and not just a standard CTS manual. There's quite a difference between the two. If you don't have one you could either download a PDF copy off the internet or order one via Ebay. The manual provides great guidance on when to change fluids and how to maintain proper care and feeding of your V.

As far as mechanical things, I'd start by listening to to your blower at idle; the coupler for the pulley has a tendency to fail and it causes a rattling noise. Check your supercharger cooling loop fluid level, the CACs are also a pretty well known/documented failure mode. Look at your shocks/struts for leaking and your control arm bushings for visible wear. You'll know if the fuel hat has gone bad, there will be a raw fuel smell.

Here is my thread. I have had mind a little over a month. When you do your first oil change, I highly recommend sending a sample to Blackstone for analysis. It will help a ton. Also check spark plugs. That fuel had repair is a MUST ASAP. It sucks when it goes unexpectedly. There is a good tutorial on cutting the floor and details on the repair. Also, do a catch can ASAP unless you like burning oil.
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