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New Pilot Super Sports feel "floaty"...

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Well, I'm waiting on some new wheels to arrive. But the stock PS/2's were shot. So I picked up a set of Michelin Super Sports. The only problem is/was that the stock sizes were nowhere to be found. So I went with 265's up front and 295's out back.

I have only driven them home from work - but my first impression is that the handling isn't so great. I suspect it's because I upsized over the stock sizes, but the car seems like it floats more than it should - it just doesn't feel nearly as connected to the road as before. The rear 295 on the stock 9.5 inch wheel definitely has a bit of bulge to it - and I am sure that results in some play or lateral movement on the rear, contributing significantly to the sloppy feel. I suppose it also could simply be because the new tires have new tread blocks - they aren't worn down and so it's only reasonable to assume they have a big more wiggle. But the PSS has pretty large blocks - so any tread block movement should be minimized.

Anyone else put this combo on their V on stock wheels? What did you think? I'm not too worried because the new wheels are 9.0 front 10.5 rear and I'll go with proper tire fitment for them, which should tighten things up. But I have a bunch of family coming into town, the V is my DD, and I live in Houston where major downpours make driving with no tread depth ill advised.

I guess I'll be selling these tires (and maybe the wheels) in a few months once I get the new gear in.
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It takes around 100 miles to "scrub in" new UHP tires. They will feel oily and slick. You should drive on them for at least a week.
Yeah - I know about the release compound and such. It's not that they felt slippery, they definitely grip and bite OK under modest turning. But the turn-in feels sloppy and the tail end of the car also feels uncontrolled. Do you feel strongly that this could be due to the release agents used in the moulding process? Anyway, I'll hold judgment for now as I know some amount of break-in is normal. Maybe another PSI or two would help...
Absolutely. Put a couple hundred miles on them and they will feel totally different. All high performance tires will do this and motorcycle tires are even worse. Lots of great reviews on these tires and good testimony from folks on this forum that are using them. Drive on em a bit and get them cooked in and I think you will like them. :cool:
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