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Hello from the PNW. A word about my avatar. I got the coupe in 2012 with 2k on it with the intention of racing/TTing it here only to discover that the tracks are a little too tight for such a car without mods. For two years I was swarmed by BMWs in the tight twisties and in frustration in 2015 I acquired a 2004 E46 M3 coupe, which I developed, with many mods, into a (mostly) podium finisher. I have since acquired an immuno-compromised condition that leaves me weak and constantly tired. Decided I was at the end of track days, sold the M3 (instant seller's remorse) and discovered I just can't leave the track alone. So I'm going to try again with the cad, if only to do hpde and tool around as best I can. I love the car as a DD, track-wise, we'll see

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2012 very first track day Portland. Lightning on the straights, a pusher of a whale in the corners
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Welcome. Talk to DrMongo on here. He tracks a coupe, a lot.
will do, thanks. There are a few up here who track their Vs, though I haven't seen them since the pandemic started. The head instructor at HOD tracks a heavily modded '09 MT V, but there was virtually nothing available off the shelf for gen 2s when I started, plus mine was still under warranty.
The V's are fatties for road courses for sure. Glad your still staying with track driving given your condition.
Welcome from the other side of the Columbia River.
Good to see you still having a good time considering your condition. Keep at it!
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