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New Member from the north

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Hi im Frank, just buy this 09 V2 A6 Sedan!

I am from Northern Quebec/Canada and been in the LS Family for the last 10 ish years and still be in this family for a while.

i have done a few swaps in the past Also, drift car, OSB trucks, and even an LS7 C2 vette!

I am going to use this Caddy as a daily during the winter season!
Its a 150+miles Stock bottom LSA, Stock converter, stock 6L90e and Stock Rear end Thunder gray Sedan with TFS255 Heads, stg 2 Cam (unknowned), Headers and 3'' exhaust, 10%OD crank pulley, 2.55 Griptec (received the new 2.38), MSD coils with Accel wires, K&N Intake, and tuned. pushing 682whp/673wtq ATM. Also have racestars 5x18 in the front and 10.5x17 in the back with hoosier 28x11.5x17 as slicks.
I ran a a [email protected] in luskville Dragway 3 weeks ago with this setup with a high 9 target as a full street car.

In the next few weeks i will be installing the 2.38 pully, 102mm TB and i will port my snout. I also have an Interchiller kit to install with Meth plate. New tuning coming in the next weeks hoping to get close to the 775+Mark
Few pics of her! Cheers
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