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Hello everyone!

First day into my CTSV ownership and I caught the bug. 馃槄

I鈥檇 been wanting a fast stockish car that I could drive and take pressure off my (Definitely NOT subtle) LS 350Z project and after a few months search landed on 2012 CTS-V Sedan A6.
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle

It was pretty meticulously maintained by the previous owner (GM Dealership Parts Manager) so I feel it鈥檚 a good base to squeeze some power out of.

Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood

Current Mods are:
Lingenfelter under drive pulley kit
ZL1 supercharger lid with reinforced brick
ZL1 intercooler pump
C&R heat exchanger.
K&N intake

I really want to go E85 with a not over the top cam (thanks California 馃が) so I can take modded Camaros/mustangs/scatpacks to Gapplebees and the give the occasional hellcat a run for its money.

Made the account to message LT1Z but I guess there鈥檚 a probation period 馃槄
Anyway, glad to be hear and look forward to learning from you all and seeing the V鈥檚!

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Visual Goal:

Car Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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