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Need alignment specs for PK lowered 2012 sedan

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I had the shop try to adjust them as much as possible so the front inners wouldn’t wear as bad but it didn’t help. Tread depth is 5/32 and the front left has belts showing around the whole tire. The right just has 1 spot showing about 2 inches of belt. Anyone have some good specs to share. I did go through an older thread but not much help.
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The rear lower control arm bolt isn't being torqued to spec & it's causing the arm to slip which then toasts the tires. 236 ft/lbs is the torque spec for that rear control arm bolt but 99% of alignment shops don't know or bother doing it (even after being informed).

I've had an alignment every year since I've owned the old girl & I'm still waiting for a shop to surprise me.
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