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Weekend had it all, race was crazy, started in the rain on wets, turned dry with 25 minutes left in the race. RT = 65 minutes or 100 laps. Being on track with TA cars I need my head examined. The closing speeds are so drastic as these cars do 190MPH+ and accelerate unlike anything I have been on track with. At least I was able to pass a bunch in the rain! Softened up the car for wet weather and she was a handful when it was dry. I was fastest of my team in the wet so that was a PB against my racemates. Mid-O in the wet is like an ice rink, they lay sealant on the track to increase grip for the indy cars. It is downright sketchy when in the rain, you need to be on point and not make mistakes. The runoff is limited and if you get into the grass while wet you will not stop until you hot the tire walls.

My Team went P2/P3/P4, I guess being a member of the Flint Tropics is not bad.....

Some pics

The racing was the best driving I have ever raced in. Can't say enough on how professional the series is along with the ALL the drivers. The on track decisions that the drivers made we calculating, efficient and always on the money. Makes me re-evaluate SCCA and amatuer racing in general after this. The announcers gave our team props for being new and having good situational awareness and doing clean passes and getting passed clean. No way would I want to collect a TA or GT3 Car and have it be on TV.

Not one full course yellow in a rain to dry race. I ran the Pirelli wets for .5/hr and they were still intact. the Pirelli rep came over and was shaking his head and said he has never seen tires still hold up that well for that amount of time in the dry. I told him the suspension was super soft for the rain and it was hooking up, then the dry came.

The weekend was packed with racing, TA/TA2/XTG/SGT/GT, SVRA, International GT, Regional Formula 3 and Formula 4. The only thing missing was motorcycles, the event had something for everyone. Decent amount of fans came out considering they opened it up 2 days prior to the event.

One of the XTG Audi's passed me in as I was setting up for T3, he shifted right next to my helmet and it was so loud along with the concussion it made me pause for a quick second. It actually broke my concentration and startled me it was that loud.

Ohio was great, people were super nice and I have not been there in 25+ years. Can't wait to go back.
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