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Stoked to hit my best so far. Haven't had a chance to really give it my all to be honest. It was at FL2K, and I was running the 10.50 index. My best pass was a 10.49. I feel like I can work on my reaction time, I'm honestly horrible at pro tree.... Overall a good weekend for me, I can't complain.

Here is a link to my channel, all the videos from fl2k are on there if your interested.

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I'm trying to get my 60 foot down more. I think the car will go faster. We shall see . Keep at it!

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Pro Trees are difficult to master.
Study the starter as to how long it takes him to flick the switch after both cars are staged.
You will usually see a timing sequence / interval for that.

Then stage last and count down in your head that time sequence and be ready. . .

Your sixty foot times are in the ball park for these heavy cars.

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