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I’ll so grateful for this forum.
I jumped in my V after a hard rain and immediately noticed a strong musty smell like mildew. I knew there was water somewhere. As I drove off, my left door speaker had static and started to pop. I immediately went on the forum and looked for static in speakers posts. Lots of people pointed to possible corrosion on the amp plugs. That actually lead me to a video of a guy who had a trunk full of water due to bad body seams around the taillights. I went out and removed all my trunk lining and found this.

The trunk was full of water. I made sure my sunroof vents on both sides were clear and connected, and then did a water test with my hose. Watch my video on YouTube
Water was pouring in thru the taillight assembly wire harness into the trunk. And guess what? It was dripping right onto the amp connectors.

They were all corroded. I used a brush and some electrical cleaner to scrub them down and removed taillight to add a layer of rubberized weather stripping around the harness hole and bolt holes. Water test proved it worked. All problems solved quickly with trouble shooting posts. I hope this may help someone in the future.
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