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Multiple codes came out of nowhere.

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Drove my 2012 coupe couple of days ago, parked it. Had a couple of severe thunderstorms roll through the other night, and when I went to start it today I got multiple codes.

Not sure what an ABS sensor would have to do with an engine misfire either. Anybody know what might cause this.? I haven’t had a chance to really dig into it yet.
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See attached scanner report.
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Moisture has gotten in somewhere. How's the weatherstripping around the hood? Have you checked the battery compartment in the rear for any water?
Could be a dying battery…they are known to cause random issues like this. Also, check to make sure the fuse box screws are tight…another known issue. There is also a ground under the air cleaner housing that when loose causes random codes. Check the easy stuff before ripping the car apart.
Shit. Forgot all about the battery! It’s still the original, so it’s 10+ years old…
Under hood is dry as a bone, will check fuse box and battery compartment when I replace the battery tomorrow.
(Any preferences on battery brand? :)

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Northstar battery. Thing’s an animal.
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A dying or dead battery causes all kinds of codes. Check the voltage or have it tested at an auto parts store before dropping 200 on a battery. Other than that it’s either moisture or rodents. Sounds like you have some open wires.
The C5 Corvette I bought in 98 was my first truly computerized car. I was driving it one night and when I drove across some railroad tracks, the dashboard lit up like a Christmas Tree and the car went in to limp-home mode. Drove it a couple of miles like that (had about 15 to go to get home) and decided I didn't want to drive it the rest of the way home like that. But I'm a computer guy. I figured the problem might be some kind of bug in the software. I pulled over and shut the car down, waited a minute or two, and restarted it. But it was still in limp-home mode. But GM in its infinite wisdom had designed the DIC so you could go in to diagnostic mode to read out and most importantly, clear any trouble codes (individually or all of them at once). So I put the DIC in diagnostic mode and cleared out all the codes. Shut the car down, restarted, no trouble lights, drove it home and then continued to drive it for a few more years and never had the problem again. But I did take it down to the dealership (where I was friends with the service manager) and had them pull and reseat every computer module plug in the car.
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