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Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get some help from someone on a small problem I have run into with the car.

1st thing- Under a load, say 5th or 6th gear at lower rpms, if I get into the throttle a little bit to pick up speed, the engine will stutter or miss a little bit until I get up into higher RPM's.
It also does it if I drop down a gear to make a pass, at 3/4 throttle or so. Almost like when you get bad gas in the car, likewise symptoms. I have ruled out bad gas though, BC I have been
through several tanks at different stations and the problem has continued.

Im wondering if its a bad spark plug? dirty/bad injector? MAF sensor problem?

Also, occasionally the car will idle around 2000 RPM's while coming to a stop. Then, after Im stopped for a couple seconds, it will drop down to around 1000 where its supposed to be. Holding in the clutch
helps a little, and will only allow it to go up to around 1500 RPM's before it drops down. The weird thing is, it only does this every now and again. But when it does, it will do it consistently for a while.
Also, on startup, it will idle perfectly every time. It only does the high rises after its been put into gear and driven above 2000 RPM's.

MOD's on the car
Texas Speed Torquer V.2 Cam
Ported intake and throttle body
cold air intake
upgraded springs
timing chain
High flow oil pump
High flow water pump
1 7/8 long tube headers
Dynomax Bullet mufflers
06-07 rear end
adjustable groundforce lowering kit
skip-shift eliminator
Ls7 clutch
lightened flywheel
short throw shifter
creative steel transmission mount
and aftermarket shifter bushings

Any ideas?

Thanks a ton for the help guys!

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Could be tune related, but since it is intermittent I would not really lean that way. That is if you have a full dyno tune, and not a mail order or hand held canned tune. If you have either of those two, I would lean towards tune.

It always could be bad gas, and the ECM is trying to adjust for the different burn of the fuel. This is null if you fill up at the same gas station(s) every time. When I had my bolt on 07 V, I only filled up at 3 of the gas stations here in Abilene. And only 1 for the 2010. Sme of the stations gas here is just awful.

Are you running the stock injectors? I don't see it in your mods list.
I am pretty sure that in a bolt on and crammed on LS6 would max the duty cycle on the injectors. It's possible, but not likely. If it is anything with the injector, I would bet one (or more) is fouled.

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Let me tune it! It has a lean stumble.

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If this is a new onset of problems look at the obvious plugs wire fuel pressure. I'm assuming it's a misfire because your not getting a cel . Of you have tuning software reenable the misfire and o2 dtc's and look art the counts. Also look at fuel trims and o2 mV. If you don't have software you may need to go to a shop

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Thanks for all of the suggestions guys. It is getting hooked up to a scanner tomorrow to see if it throws any codes.
Ill get back to all of your questions ASAP. Crunched on time at the moment!

Again, thanks for the input!

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Got a scanner hooked up over the weekend, and it was throwing a MAF low circuit frequency code.

Cleared the code, picked up some MAF sensor cleaner and sprayed it down, as well as both the plugs and no more stuttering problem or high idle!
Hopefully it will stay that way and was just a dirty sensor or connection.

Bad news, got a right front flat on saturday. lol

Always something!

Thanks for the help guys!
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