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Manual Trans Synchros Needed

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Folks I’ve been waiting for a trans rebuild kit since January, and I’m told that they have all of the kit EXCEPT the synchro assemblies. Multiple updates have each said ‘no idea’ when… but the latest update now says “at least July”.
From my searching, they seem to be on permanent Back Order.
Do any of you have them, or know who does?

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Thanks for that. I'm working my way down the list. I will call them for availability.
I had been taking the simple approach, looking for a 'kit' in a box with all the parts, but the convenient way is often not the best way to get it done.
Thanks, everyone, for the info. I'll be comparing prices among all of these.
I spent a little time on the phone with D&D just now, very helpful info. highly likely I'll start there. Once I get the tag number at hand I'll give all of them a shot at pricing and availability.
The info that I got confirmed a suspicion I had about the "kit" I was ordering... that kit was likely a really bad idea anyway as a kit that doesn't reference the tag number to determine kit components isn't going to have the right parts in it.
The V version of the TR6060 has V-specific internals and multiple versions of those. Either the kit contains the wrong parts (most likely) or it contains a whole bunch of extra parts (less likely). More to know, for sure!
Apparently there are multiple versions and the TUET # is the key to deciphering which parts are in it.
Mine is TUET 10125G.

One detail I already knew is that the extension housing is V-only.

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