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Magnuson TVS2650 LS7/LSX Hot Rod Supercharger Kit Air Inlet

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I sent the following email to Magnuson technical support but am hoping that someone here has already installed the supercharger and can give me guidance and possibly help me out with the correct pulley sizes. The goal is to run 4-6 psi and put out 700 rwhp and then 15-16 psi to put out around 900 rwhp. Tentatively I was thinking of an LSR block with Brodix BR7 and/or Mast LS7 heads (so basically 400 cfm heads) running a Dailey dry sump. Of course this is a swap and since it weighs 3950 pounds and will be road raced the goal is to road race at low boost (a N/A combination will not have the torque) to keep the heat in check for endurance racing and then for street driving swap in a bigger pulley(and tune) for the larger power numbers. If these goals are completely unreasonable, Matt and Mr. Duck; please tell me as building a $35k combination that will be heat soaked on the first 20-minute road racing session is what I need to avoid. I would prefer not to go N/A but that's better than having to pull the rotating assembly and sell a used supercharger. Thanks for the assistance.

Dear All:

I am interested in purchasing a Magnum TVS2650 LS7/LSX Hot Rod Supercharger Kit (PN 05-26-62-157) but need some help with the Air inlet.

The website lists on air inlet (PN 31-23-05-051-BL) that is named 120mm Air Inlet (Compatible with Nick Williams Throttle Bodies) and there is also an air inlet adapter (31-23-05-053) listed for 120/112 to 90/103.

To my knowledge Nick Williams does not manufacture a 120mm throttle body. He does manufacture various 112/103/102/90mm throttle bodies.

To finish off the supercharger would I be purchasing a 120mm air inlet (if titled correctly, it could be a 112 air inlet) and then purchase a 120/112 to 90/mm air inlet adapter and then a Nick Williams throttle body (103112/103/102/90)?

The application would be a 1000 hp LSR 427 short block with Brodix BR7 (LS7 style heads). Since I don’t have the air choke point data on the Magnum TVS2650 and will be shooting for 900+ rear wheel horsepower can you provide guidance on the proper size of throttle body for the application and if possible the part number?
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