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What's going on Ladies and Gentlemen?
Been a while since I've checked in, been tied up with the V and a few other projects. Can't find a straightforward answer, but what's the limitation of the stock LSFP? Is there a whp range or would any mix of E85 "even down to a 40% mix" affect it more than doing a Lower Pulley?
Current mods: Kong PB&S, 103T/B, 2.3 upper, and SW Catback. Made 668whp & 613tq.
Just added WEAPON-X Chiller, and SW Headers. Know that I should be safe but where's the limit. I plan on doing the lowside a few months from now.

From you all experience, and being able to maintain heat a little better now. What gains should/could I see with the headers and Chiller now.

For those with chillers. What speed do you have your fans set to? My coolant crossover will get down to 53 degrees, but haven't done any type of frosting over like the advertising for the chillers do.

Thanks in Advance!!!
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