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Low mileage LSA blower

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I am offering up my low mileage (3k miles) blower that is currently on my car. Only reason I’m considering selling is to purchase a different blower that is for sale locally to me. It will come with a ZL1 lid and brick, 2.45 pulley and ported snout. I’m willing to include a set of ID1050x injectors as well if you need them for additional cost. The blower will be professionally removed from my coupe by black market racing. I will photo document the removal as well as the condition of the blower for the buyer.
I honestly am not sure what a “fair price” for this would be but to comply with forum rules I will list it at $4500+shipping

if that price is crazy, please respectfully let me know.
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That sounds ok price for blower lid and brick these days? Glws

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