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Lots of parts!! New stuff added

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Clearing out the garage and going through a bunch of parts I have. A lot of them are brand new, some used. Some will be free. All prices are plus shipping and PayPal friends and family or you cover the fees.
New parts:
Coupe door handle touchpad (driver) 25$
Ls engine lift plates from gforce ( allows you to pull engine without pulling blower). 100$
Btr pushrods 5/16x7.400x.080 wall 50$
(Have used set as well 3k) 25$
Gates belt 2.45,2.55/8.6 20$
ZL1 lid manifold/gaskets 25$
Revshift upper ca poly bushings 75$

used parts:
Driver rear magride shock 10k 75$

Automotive tire Hood Bumper Automotive design Flooring

Household hardware Gas Font Silver Circle

Automotive tire Fluid Font Gas Automotive wheel system

Rectangle Font Material property Metal Pattern
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Do you have part numbers for the OEM parts?
I’m sure most of them are there on a tag or something. Which ones are you interested in knowing?
The stuff that can rust in the salt belt or dry rot: Automatic transmission lines, heater lines, upper and lower radiator hoses, stock intercooler hoses
Will pm you the details in a little bit
interested in lingenfelter sleaves
Sleeves are sold!
Stock balancer, manifolds are sold. Cam stuff also gone
Airraid filter is sold!
Shift knob sold
Filter received, installed, and verified to help the whine thanks for the lowered MPGs

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I’ll take the belt if you can ship to Ontario, Canada.
I’ll take the belt if you can ship to Ontario, Canada.
I don’t mind putting it in the mail, but no idea on the cost. Pm me your address and I can look into it.
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