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Hey gents so I noticed a few guys on other forum posts with this same issue but no real answers. When I picked up my 05 V Swapped LQ4, I had MAJOR trouble getting it to shift into reverse no matter how I did it. Sometimes it would go in sometimes it just wouldn't. Took it on a drive one day and lost 5th, 6th & reverse all at once. I dropped the trans and put it into the 5th, 6th & reverse gear and where the front of the driveshaft bolts into and it spun freely. Didn't do that in 1-4 where it just locked up (me assuming that means it locked into gear). Even with the car on at a standstill ill put it into 4th and let off the clutch slowly and feel it grab but nothing in the gears mentioned. The shifter is a hurst short throw but its most definitely seating into the gears all the way. Im no expert but it clearly seems to be something to do with the internals of the trans. I plan on checking the fluid with a magnet and will update as I find out more but im just curious if anyone had some thoughts or answers?
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