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Like the title says, I'm possibly going a different route, and I'm looking to sell my whole set up. PNR 5 gallon with the big mouth lid, Pierburg CWA 400 pump with relay and 1.5" inlet and -12AN fitting welded for the outlet, all the 3/4" lines to the front/back of the car, the front mount triple pass Fluidyne HX, and all the -12 lines and fittings to plumb the set-up. It's all on the car and works great, just going different route. Asking $1000 or will entertain reasonable offers. (the front mount HX and tank alone would run 900+. The pump and numerous -12 fittings add up to another 400-500.) I'll post up pics shortly.
Also the way I have this set up, I can swap from street set-up (running through HX) to track (from tank to lid and back) by swapping two lines with -12AN fittings you take the HX out of the loop, and run just tank to lid.
Thanks, Jeff
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