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Looking for a LSA Motor Builder in/near NH (2014 CTSV Coupe)

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Greetings. The 2014 CTSV: 2014 CTS-V Coupe FNG in Tulsa Ok.

Since that post, I've done the ext and stereo work, but now it's time for the guts to get some glory.

I recently moved to NH and am looking for a high-end Speed Shop to build the motor out. I'm not against transporting the car but I'd rather it be close so I can visit the shop. Anywhere in the New England states is most likely an easy trek.

My intent:
1) Complete replacement of the braking system (discs warping every other brake pad change)
2) Rims and tires (how wide can I go in the rear w/o a wide body kit)
3) Bulletproof 700HP +/- RWHP that is street-able as a summer driver. (E85 after is ok, but not to get there)
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Dave Brady at Enhanced Street Performance. They're in Sterling, MA, a few miles off 190. Closer to you than Bridgewater or Waterbury. I had him do a bunch of work on my blown 02 Z06, left me extremely happy with both the quality and price. And my Z was very non-standard. I know of one V2 he's done, but I know he's done more than one. I expect at some point to have him do work on my V2. He's got a Dynojet dyno for tuning.
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