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If you want to keep your Cadillac CTS-V looking like it just rolled off the factory floor, a set of OE Creations wheels would be your best bet. Made to comply with OE standards and specifications, OE Creations offers the ultimate collection of wheels for any driver who needs a stylish and modern look.

These wheels always look good as they have the perfect design, size, and finish. Excellent workmanship and attention to detail are evident when you check out any OE Creations rim.

Redefine your Cadillac CTS-V with a new level of customization using OE Creations Wheels!

OE CREATIONS® - 193 Gloss Black

OE CREATIONS® - 178 Satin Black

OE CREATIONS® - 186 Gloss Black

OE CREATIONS® - 117 Hyper Black

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