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Just replaced everything, problem still persists...

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2010 sedan. 131k miles.

1. Clunking noise when steering left/right, even in park.
2. Extreme vibration under moderate braking above 60mph. (biggest problem)
3. Random front end noises.
4. Steering wheel play. 3-4 inches of movement with zero feedback from car.

New parts thrown at issue in hopes to resolve..

2 New front UCAs. (o;d bushings were not that bad)
2 new LCAs (just replaced by Previous Owner, probably not aligned)
4 new OEM AC Delco mag ride shocks.
2 new front sway bar end links
2 new rear sway bar mounting bushings

I have not taken it in for an alignment yet, because I'm pretty sure I have yet to find the real problem.

Do these Vs have common steering rack issues? I had a friend move the steering wheel, while I crawled under the car (safe), and the clunking noise seems to be easily repeatable just from moving the steering wheel back and forth. I found the PS res was low. Not even registering on the dipstick, so I topped it off and drove it. No change.

If I dont get good feedback here, I will buy new steering rack tie rod ends and replace those before getting an alignment.

Any help is appreciated.
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Probably not your issue but have you checked to see if the center nuts on front shocks are torqued properly? There were a few threads with that problem. You also said the car has headers, have you checked the steering shaft area where it goes into the rack, when you install headers on these cars you have to remove that steering shaft. Maybe front sway bar bushings? Subframe bolts all good and tight? Just throwing random crap at you to look at. You probably have as you seem competent with a wrench. Hope you get her back on the road soon
I haven’t mentioned the “dealers” name who sold me this, but I’m about to flip out. If they werent in Texas and I in Florida, i would have gotten my money back already. Several subframe bolts are hand tight…and one is missing completely.
Hopefully you’ve found your problem, I’d still flip out. Not likely you can do anything on a used car being most are sold as is with no warranty. You’ve spent a ton fixing shit I’d at least put in a call to the manager and give him an ear full
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