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Just replaced everything, problem still persists...

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2010 sedan. 131k miles.

1. Clunking noise when steering left/right, even in park.
2. Extreme vibration under moderate braking above 60mph. (biggest problem)
3. Random front end noises.
4. Steering wheel play. 3-4 inches of movement with zero feedback from car.

New parts thrown at issue in hopes to resolve..

2 New front UCAs. (o;d bushings were not that bad)
2 new LCAs (just replaced by Previous Owner, probably not aligned)
4 new OEM AC Delco mag ride shocks.
2 new front sway bar end links
2 new rear sway bar mounting bushings

I have not taken it in for an alignment yet, because I'm pretty sure I have yet to find the real problem.

Do these Vs have common steering rack issues? I had a friend move the steering wheel, while I crawled under the car (safe), and the clunking noise seems to be easily repeatable just from moving the steering wheel back and forth. I found the PS res was low. Not even registering on the dipstick, so I topped it off and drove it. No change.

If I dont get good feedback here, I will buy new steering rack tie rod ends and replace those before getting an alignment.

Any help is appreciated.
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Do you still have excessive play in the steering wheel?
I don't recall my sway bar links having grease zerks.
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