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Jump starting 2011 V Coupe

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My car sat in the garage the last 4 months during the winter here in UT. I was lazy and didn't hook up a battery tender, finally got nice weather and went to start the car and was DEAD. Grabbed the Jeep , hooked up the cheap pair of jumper cables I had in the back and tried to start, starter would give one loud click and the dash gauges would cycle, wouldn't even try to turn over. Was about to go buy a new $200+ battery when I thought to try the heavy duty jumper cables I had in my truck that are a much heavier gauge of wire, fired right up. These motors require quite a bit of cranking power and the small gauge cables simply couldn't allow enough current flow. I was quite happy that all my memory settings had been retained and when I ran my code scanner it didn't kick out any faults indicating unready for emissions test. Got it tested and registration renewed the same day and the battery has fully recharged. In the Coupe specifically the battery access in the trunk is very tight, I definitely recommend using the points provided in the engine bay.
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I remember when a couple of engineers took some test cables to jump start a car in a parking lot (over 50 years ago).

The guy turned the key and ended up with two nice burn lines in the fender when the cables vaporized.
All models of V2 are hard on their batteries. Between that and the ground, they create a lot of havoc.
I've considered carrying a spare with me... ;)
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