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Hello, Everyone. We are pleased to announce that our Deluxe (DLX) Bluetooth Throttle Controller is now available at a very attractive introductory price. MSRP $240, now $189 for a limited time. Or get $100 off MSRP price when purchased together with any throttle body (use code "50-OFF-TC"). Available for CTS-V3 only, V2 coming soon.

Here's a brief summary. (We have also attached the user manual for those who want to dig deeper into the details)

Simply the most; advanced, wide-spectrum, compact, durable, and, arguably aesthetically pleasing throttle controller in the market.

  • Ten Modes, with a total of 64 possible settings (see chart).
  • Dual control, directly on the display or remotely from your smart device.
  • Sturdy aluminum construction, buttons, and heavy-duty harness.
  • Self-adjusting OLED display intensity for optimum visibility.
  • Real-time throttle position gauge.
  • Fail-safe vehicle-specific design.

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Pardon my ignorance, but what is purpose for this device?

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It customizes the throttle response. That is the relationship between pedal input and throttle valve opening (power delivery vs. your demand). You can do this on the go. Easy install, warranty safe.

Many customers that did not know what this was, come back to us saying that this is the way it should have been from the factory and that they don't know how come they lived without it for so long.

It's simply fun. Take advantage of our 30-day money-back warranty and try it at no risk.

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