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Innovators west balancer puller?

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Hey guys.
I watched a fellow ctsv owner on YouTube pull his balancer.
I tried it the same way and the one bolt pulled the threads out of the balancer.

Yes I had the 3 smaller bots tight as shit.
Balancer level. Etc.

I've pulled several ls balancers but not this style.

I have one more shot at this so I'm hoping someone has a tip or trick?

Do I put heat to it?

Thank you...
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We haven't seen the video you saw, so no idea what tools or approach you are using. Helicoil the damaged threads and use all three bolts to mount the tool properly, use the center pressure screw to pull.
I would not apply heat to it. The balancer contains fluid, friction discs and rubber seals in a wet clutch assembly.
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I ended up saving the threads.
I did get it off without heat.

I rented a puller from O'Reillys. Was a piece of..
I ended up buying the performance tools one that is in the mentioned video.
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