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Injector Dynamics XDS vs X2, Any Difference?

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Is there a difference between the Injector Dynamics XDS and X2 series or are they the same injector? If there is a difference, is there a way to identify them since they seem to carry the same part number (i.e. 1300. Some websites show them as XDS but Injector Dynamics states the X2 is a new injector.
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No but there is a difference between ID1300X and ID1300X2 data wise
Thanks for the reply.

How do you tell an ID1300X from an ID1300X2? I bought a new set of IDs from an individual to save a few $ and am trying to verify exactly what they are. They're in the ID box and they're sealed. They have all the ID logos on them including ID1300 and below it XDS. I noticed when I look at pictures online that the injectors are individually sealed vs these are 4 per sealed pouch (i.e.seal, 4 injectors, seal, 4 injectors, seal). The box does have the correct part number and the "clips and pins" are included.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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