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I have a complete stock 2013 ctsv wanted to know what’s the best first mods to do.
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There are 100’s of threads with great info on this topic. Even DYNO sheets listing what power guys made with certain mods. Use the search function and it will help you find a lot of these threads.
on another note make sure you understand the forum rules on the classified section and posting etc.
the forum is very strict on this and knowing the rules will keep you from getting banned.
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Welcome to the forum!

I'm a new owner as well that hasn't even taken delivery of the car yet, however I did a fair amount of leg work on researching enough to develop a mod list and the order of events (all with the help and guidance of forum members here).

Although I haven't touched this car yet, the one thing I've learned over many years of doing the same with others, the first most important step is to determine exactly what your goals are and what trade-offs (if any) you are willing to accept along the way to that. If you're looking to add easy power to an otherwise stock setup, that's going to push you down one path. If you're looking to get bring home a 9 second quarter mile slip, you're going to want to approach that in a completely different way. If you have clarity on this now, let's hear it and we can all help steer you in the right direction.
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I would start with intake, upper pulley, exhaust and a tune. Horsepower is the best drug and it’s best to up your dose gradually so you wallet doesn’t OD.
Started bone stock as well. First mod was an Airaid cold air intake and the Green filter. That was easy low hanging fruit. The next one gets tougher as it’s probably going to be a combination of several things it makes sense to knock out at the same time (pulley, long tube headers, HX, tune and an Aeroforce gauge to monitor).

Can’t seem to make up my mind on how to prioritize the ZL1 lid and brick upgrade — a pulley and would be a lot more “fun” but the stock brick is a known source of problems.
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