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I'm a dummy, need feedback on injector install

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I screwed up and forgot to lube the o rings on one bank when replacing injectors. Should I for sure remove and replace orings and seals or just give it a go? My hesitation is that I do not want to repurchase the one time use lines that I would need to remove. Thanks guys.
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Yes. The O-Ring will degrade over time without that lubrication.

You don't necessarily have to completely remove the injector to lube the O-Ring. You might be able to pull them out far enough to reach in with your finger and not have to disconnect the lines at all.

You can drive it like it is now. Just don't forget you want to take care of it sometime in the next few 100 miles...
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I don't know how I could accomplish that with the DI injectors. If it was port Injection I see what you're saying.
I just poinied up and re-ordered the lines. I'll it the stupid tax, lol.
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