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Just picked up a Black 2007 Cts-v with 48k miles bone stock for $18,000!

Due to California's thousands of rules and laws I'm limited on what i can do to my vehicle, also it is a DD.
basically what i am posting here for is opinions on what my plans are and or things you recommend
in the next week i was gonna get

- a cold air intake ($105) from pro tuning.. it seemed similar to all the others but at a fraction of the price
- custom 2.5" catback exhaust w/ X pipe and idk what muffler yet maybe a corsa
- possible tune

H&R lowering springs W/ 5mm spacers in the rear ( hoping to lower without rubbing much)

just want some opinions on the set up

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The rear diff can be a tad fragile if dumping the clutch. Swap it out with the SRX unit. Excessive wheel hop can cause the OE to break.
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