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IC pump brain fart

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Ok 2018 CTSV. I had a varimax pump for a camaro sitting around and a small edelbrock tank one and wanted to install. Mainly the small tank cause I don't want to spend 1000 right now and it will help keep the system air free. Anyways the pump from the camaro is totally different so I need a new pump now. Brain fart is how do you run the hoses to the pump and reservoir? My kit has the fittings that lock on the manifold.

screw it i'm probably going to stop messing around and just get the weapon X stealth trunk mount tank with the 25 gpm pump. Any other recommendations? Also weapon X says there is additional flow if i left the stock pump in place, since I have it out is there a fair priced alternative that flows more or should i just put oem pump back in now i'll be getting the trunk mount tank with the high flow pump?
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Well looking at the weapon x website it appears there is a small harness that the varimax uses that i'm missing so i suppose i can still use the varimax pump seems i can buy the pigtail for 55 might just do the weapon x engine bay tank but i'll have to find somewhere else to put my might mouse air oil seperator
Yeah I am going to do that I talked to weapon x. I have triple heat exchangers and now trying to figire out it how to change them. I got front bumper off but can't figure out how to change them without removing everything
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