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High HP Heat Dissiptation (Hood Mod Opinion)

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To reduce IATs do you think these would look like chit (see below) mainly because I'm prochaged I think these right over the header section would actually look pretty good, in theory they should match.

Obviously I'll have this professionally done or perhaps buy an aftermarket hood and modify that either or.

Any thoughts on this? I'd think this would be a significant improvement as the hot air would literally dissipate right up.

The procharger would also be able to draw from the colder air.

Either or just floating this to see if anyone has an opinion. My headers are already coated but this logically to me seems like a good idea that won't ruin the lines of the car.

Lots of Mercs and BMWs etc obviously twin turbo cars have this already integrated into the hood or NACA ducts.

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I'll admit that I dreaded clicking that. I really expected something laughably awful OR something really horrendous.
I'll say this: (assuming proper placement/install) really could look OK... maybe even ~nice~

Better than just cuttin' a hole.

Looking at their site I noticed that they have a LOT of stuff(!) Also saw that these ain't cheap.
This model appears the same as the OEM item here with the difference that the OEM doesn't have holes drilled?
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Ha, I figured as such. The craziness some guys want to do "I can put amazon and ebay parts on everything!" .

That's what I was thinking, and definitely wouldn't cut a hole, but my thoughts exactly, if executed well, it would flow nicely with the stocker. If I could find a set that I could have recessed into the hood, now that would be the ticket. Ticket is to find non-chitzy louvers.

PS- Nice Ride ;)

C7 Corvette has the heat extractor options, extremely similar.

Thanks! I talked to my body shop. It can be recessed. That's what I'm looking for, I'd rather it not screwed in. Apr makes allot for allot of high end cars. Thanks for checking I saw this but I will see when my car gets back if I decide to do however... Ughh Mustang lol but they are beautiful pieces of [email protected]

Tbh, I can't see this doing any harm if not reducing pressure under the hood... Which in every respect is good and heat... Air goes in.. Needs to come out..for heat extraction if it's good for 30f..or even dissipation... It's worth it IMHO..
Just the fact the hood is carbon fiber, I'm not sure I'd trust any body shop. How much experience do most body shops how modifying carbon fiber? Would give me pause.
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Totally get it. Body shop works with carbon all the time. Id rather buy another hood and have em do that... I don't disagree.
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