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Hey there just looking for some help piecing together this frankenstein of a methanol injection setup that I'm using. I live in the UK and ethanol is only available by mail order in 1L bottles. E85 is not in my near future so I figured the next best thing for my car will be methanol injection.

I talked to my tuner and he essentially said pre-boost meth injection on these cars is the dumbest thing ever....(Not my words!) but he's a reputable tuner and I'm going to follow his advice. He tells me to pick up a post boost direct injection setup.

Well I had already bought a lightly used alky control setup that was for pre-boost. So now I'm looking to convert that over into a direct meth injection kit (going right into the lid).

From Devils own I picked up a manifold and 4 DM03 nozzles a solenoid and the low-pro nozzle holders. I'm going to tap the lid and install the 4 nozzles on my ZL1 lid to spray as close to directly in between cylinders as I can.

My question is the activation side. The Alky control pre-boost set ties into the MAF for activation (via the PAC) and I'm thinking that's not going to be correct for me for what I'm doing.

I'm getting limited support from Julio at Alky control (busy man I'm sure!) and I thought maybe someone here could help.

What should I use to activate my solenoid? Do I need to still wire up the PAC or will that be taken out of the picture completely?
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