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This problem is with my 2010 Camaro, but still applies. I've been chasing a very bad brake issue which I believe to be directly related to lack of vacuum. My boost/vacuum gauge is reading 0-2" of vacuum and I have to press my brakes to the floor to get the car to even stop coming out of the driveway.

Things I have done so far:

- New Brake Booster and reservoir installed
- Brakes Bled and bled and bled again just to be sure
- Check valve on booster checked good
- Checked over and over for any leaks in vacuum lines (smoke test done as well)
- Compression test done on all cylinders (160 on all cylinders accept 1 of them measured 190psi)
- Leak down test done and all cylinders measure 20-27% (gauges verified on my Tahoe that measured >5%
- Dyno'd the car and still made 1k even with these issues.

When I did the leak down test, I found that the air was getting past the rings and all of the air was coming from the oil fill hole. This is a 416 with an procharger F1x. Looks like I need to have the motor looked at, but wanted some opinions on what's going on here. I even went and got HP Tuners Pro to monitor everything, but new to the software so no real help. Any help is appreciated.

416ci / Procharger F1X / Century Built 4L80 / Alky Control /Circle D Triple Disk / ID1300s / Fore Innovations Return / Holley HiRam / e85
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