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Help- part numbers and inf needed

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Ladies and gents,
Haven’t posted in a bit.. Blew the new OE trans in Aug at Watkins Glen (2nd in 127 track days). Circle D Level 4 this time boyyyeess! Anyway, installed. New round of engine mods. Looking for 700ish RWHP.
To the point. Drivers side half shaft (original, 50kish mi) blew inner CV boot, greasy mess.
SO: 1: Has anyone replaced boots on the factory half shafts. P/no’s please. Is it worth it or should I g to G-Force? Keep in mind, car lives 90% of its life in 3-4-5 (auto), never launches.
2: Need p/n for the retaining bolts, shaft to diff, getting a bit used up
3: Axle retaining nut p/n.
thanks in advance, Mongo
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